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All New Fiat Talento in Cardigan Pembrokeshire

The Fiat Talento is an outstanding medium panel van, with smart loading features, capacious loading areas and turbo or twin-turbo diesel engines that offer the ultimate blend of performance and economy. Choose from three wheelbases and several roof heights, with even the most compact Talento swallowing three Euro pallets, with an impressive loading capacity of 5.2 m3, while the biggest Talento offers an 8.3 m3 load capacity. The Talento is designed with the modern user in mind too; it gets a through-loading hatch for longer loads, allowing you to transport items up to 3.75m in length. And best of all, the Talento is available with a range of economical yet punchy engines, including a new twin-turbo diesel engine that can return up to 47.9 mpg combined with CO2 emissions as low as 155 g/km.

Two seater bench

Choose to travel in comfort without wasting space, with front two seater bench.

Keyless Entry / Keyless Go System

Talento recognises you. So you can lock and unlock it by pressing a button, you just need to have your keys with you.

ABS with EBD and HBA

Anti-lock Braking System prevents one or more wheels from locking and slipping regardless of the road surface conditions and braking intensity, ensuring control of the vehicle even during emergency braking.

Trailer Stability Assist

The Trailer Stability Assist system guarantees perfect stability even when towing. If the vehicle skids, the TSA automatically modulates the engine's power and the braking force on each wheel to give stability back to the vehicle and its trailer.

All New Fiat Talento Interior

Fiat Talento
Fiat Talento
Fiat Talento